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Advance Order Booking:
Corporate & Large functions are to be booked 4 to 2 weeks in advance.  

Small and Large  functions
can  be booked seven (7) days in advance, with full payments. 20% will be applied to RUSH ORDERS under seven days.

Rush Orders:
For orders placed less than 2 weeks before an event,
full payment is expected. If we agree to accommodate your rush order, it is understood that Seepersad Catering cannot completely guarantee delivery on last minute request. A 20% fee will be applied to RUSH ORDERS.

Payment Requirements:
New Customers:
50% deposit is accepted upon confirmation of quotation, balance to be paid one (1) week before the function date.

Existing Customers:
5% Late Fee will be applied to the total amount on outstanding invoices and every month thereafter. ie regular and ongoing supply of orders.

Cancellation Policy:
A 10% Cancellation Fee on deposit will be deducted if order has been cancelled three (3) weeks prior to function and also reduced in number of guest or scale down in any period within the staid week of the function proceedings date or on  function duration date depending time./note cancellation on said function or event within said week or (4) four to (5) working days before function there will be no re-fund on any deposit, made towards functions or events due to customers cancellations.

Delivery Date

Our menus can be adjusted at cost factor also Fish and other seafoods can be added at an adjusted cost. All menus include plates and complete Buffet settings. A 10% service charge will be added to final invoices once food is catered (set-up buffet style or servers at any function.)

*Server/Bar Tending Services are sold separately.

If you need further clarification, please call: (868) 237-6607